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Elevate Your Hotel's Email Marketing: Strategies and Examples

Learn effective email marketing strategies for hotels. Boost guest retention, bookings, and revenue with tips on email types, campaigns, list growth, and personalization.
Author Emi

When you want to run your hotel successfully, your hotel marketing strategies must be on point. You must not ignore any marketing techniques. One marketing technique that many people in the hospitality industry need to put more effort into is their hotel email marketing strategies. Hotel email marketing is very important and can bring remarkable success to your hotel.

The Importance of Email Marketing for Hotels

You might think people do not read emails related to hotel services and other product information. Your guests will read your emails when they are appropriately drafted and have information that will attract them.

In the hospitality industry, sending newsletters and emails is part of email marketing. Enhancing these methods can generate more revenue and reach a wider audience.

Email marketing for hotels is very important, and this is why:

  • Through emails and newsletters, you can provide your guests with all information regarding the services you are offering.
  • You can increase the sales of services and other amenities on your property.
  • You can reach and communicate with your guests in a personalized manner.
  • Through email marketing, you can enhance your guest experience.

What Will Be Covered in This Post

In this post, we will understand why hotel email marketing strategies are essential for a hotel’s growth and success, along with techniques to enhance your email marketing strategies. This post will also take you through hotel email marketing examples to get a greater understanding.

Why Email Marketing is Essential for Hotel Success

Email marketing needs to be given equal attention along with your other marketing strategies. We have mentioned before that email marketing can bring great success to your hotel, let us understand how can hotel email marketing techniques bring success.

Increases Your Revenue

Hotel email marketing strategies are a great way to promote your property and promote sales. It is noticed that guests who receive newsletters and emails are likely to spend more than those who do not receive them.

What is happening through email marketing is that you are cross-selling and upselling your accommodation and amenities.

When you send emails or newsletters to your guests, they gain more knowledge regarding your hotel's services, amenities, and hospitality. You will be showing them amenities that will make their guest journey at your property more comfortable.

Cross-selling makes the sale of other hotel services possible, which can lead to your guest maximizing their stay at your property. It makes the guest interested in spending more.

Email marketing even helps in upselling. Your guests can upgrade their accommodation through a personalized and customized email. You will generate more revenue when they opt for high-end accommodation or services.

Improves Your Guest Engagement and Loyalty

Through hotel email marketing strategies, you can reach your new customers as well as increase your existing guest's loyalty and engagement with your hotel.

Sending customized emails to your existing or regular guests will increase your guest loyalty and engagement. Guests appreciate when the hotel they invested in or stayed in sends personalized emails. For example, you can send your guests birthday emails to make them feel that you remember them.

Sending thank-you emails will also improve your relationship with your guests. Through email marketing, you can ask your guests for their feedback. Engaging in a conversation regarding their likes and dislikes will enhance your relationship with them.

Better Communication and Personalization

According to the campaign monitor, emails that contain personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened by your guest.

When you send personalization emails to your guests, you give them information regarding what they want to see and know. For example, information regarding offers, discounts, or events. Through this, you are making your customer feel more valued, and it will increase your communication with your guest.

Hotel email marketing strategies also make way for better communication. You can draft information properly and convey your message through emails and newsletters. This will help your hotel get the message out, and your guest will understand what you are offering.


Your hotel email marketing strategies can save you a lot of money. It is a simple marketing technique that can bring great results on a low budget.

On average, email marketing drives a return on investment of $36 for every $1 spent. This is a great advantage to your hotel as it provides high ROI compared to other marketing streams.

Email marketing strategies enable you to market to a wide audience from different demographics without spending your budget on ad space, print, or postage.

Strategies for Effective Email Marketing for Hotels

There are a few strategies to elevate your hotel's email marketing strategies. We have listed some of the most important elements or strategies you can add to your emails for better results.

Personalized Emails for Better Engagement

Personalization means better engagement. Your hotel email marketing strategies must be personal for the best results.

You can segment your guests based on their demographics and their stay preferences. For example, you can categorize your guests by the type of travelers they are - business or leisure travelers. You can even segment them based on the type of room they booked, the amount of money they spent on their previous visit, or how many people checked in.

This information will help you draft personalized emails or newsletters. Integrating guest data into the email you send out will make it more valuable and increase the chances of your guest taking action against the information you provide.

Making the Most of Email Personalization

Email personalization can help you enhance your guest journey. Remember to add your guest's name to make it more personalized when you send your guest a confirmation mail. Along with the receipt of their booking, you add some exciting services which are in your hotel and things they can do around your property.

By looking at their booking details, you can offer places they can visit around your location. For example, if you notice children mentioned in their booking details, you can suggest to them kid-friendly places. You can even offer menus for local restaurants along with some pictures.

If you have regular guests, you can recommend services and offers according to their past stays. From your data, you can find information regarding their past service purchases; you can draft an email according to that.

For example, if your guest stayed at your property last winter, you can send a winter-themed email to inform them about the various offers you are providing during the season. You can even provide discounts to recurring visitors.

Ensuring Emails are Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, everyone checks emails on their phones. They do not wait to go home to log in to their computers to check their emails. This means that when creating your email or newsletters, you need to make them mobile-friendly.

The font size and color should be appropriate, and the subject lines must be clear. The images added to your template must be of the right quality and must not take a long to load. You can even add a call - to - action elements to your email or newsletters.

Ensuring your email is clearly visible to the reader with the important details highlighted is essential.

Hotel Email Marketing Examples

Here are a few hotel email marketing examples that you can implement:

Confirmation Emails

You must send a confirmation email to your guest right after their booking. Adding their name to the email will be beneficial. You can add links to your social media platforms along with the check-in details. They will be able to get an idea of how your hotel looks and its other features. You can add images and information about your services, such as a spa or a pool.

Feedback Emails

You can send a feedback email to your past guests. This will help you improve your services. Feedback emails create a path for you to market your hotel by continuing your communication with your guest.

Hotel Events Mail

You can draft a visually pleasing newsletter regarding all the upcoming events in and around your hotel. You can inform your guest regarding local events that are taking place by marketing your hotel. You can inform them regarding the amenities and the accommodation you have.

You can also use your customer database to segment people who live outside your city or country to send them emails regarding the most happening events.

Special Offers

The Best Western hospitality line or chain sends guests a newsletter titled “Deals of the Week.” It informs its guests regarding what limited-time offers they will receive if they book their stay at any of The Best Western hotels across the US.

What this campaign is doing is, it is creating a sense of urgency and giving them various options to choose from as well.

You can send your guests these newsletters for customer retention and increase customer engagement. If you would like also how to upsell services, this is your article!

VIP Emails

You can send your past guests a VIP email. In this email, you can thank them for visiting their property and for loyalty while providing them with a discount promo code. You can even add a call to action element to the newsletter.

Visual Emails

In your hotel email marketing strategies, you can implement newsletters where you send them visuals of your property. You will be showing a tour of your hotel and familiarizing them with the property. This will attract your guests.

This will be a great email to send to those who haven't finished their booking or abandoned their booking midway. You can send them the visuals and a call to action button to help them finish their booking from where they left off.

These are just a few hotel email marketing examples. You can create various types of emails to send to your guests. You have to remember to make it personalized by showing what the guest wants.


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Why WhatsApp Newsletter is the Future of Hotel Marketing

WhatsApp is a platform that is used by all for business and personal use. This platform can help you reach a large audience by increasing your sales and strengthening customer relationships.

WhatsApp is a platform you must use and is the future of hotel marketing. Let us understand what a WhatsApp newsletter is.

A WhatsApp newsletter is a message you can send to your guests from your hotel's WhatsApp business account. Your newsletter can contain information regarding special offers, new service accountants, events in your hotel, exclusive discounts, or even a picture. You can even add call-to-action buttons or elements to your message. It is like any other newsletter but much more personal.

Newsletters can help you provide important information and give your guest a special feeling by providing them with offers that are only available through promo codes via the app. WhatsApp newsletters are cost-effective; you can keep your guests in the loop and build loyal relationships. Also, the conversion rate is higher through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp newsletters are the future of hotel marketing because guests love it when they can communicate with services through chat apps. It is known that customers would buy a product from a company or stay in a hotel when they can reach it through a chat.

It provides a more personal experience for the guest and an easier way to communicate. Also, WhatsApp messages have a 98% open rate. This means that your newsletters will be read.

Streamlining Hotel Marketing with chatlyn

You can streamline your hotel email marketing with chatlyn. chatlyn is a platform that provides AI-powered customer engagement. This platform will assist you by enhancing and automating client communication, optimizing engagement to improve your guest experience and satisfaction, reducing your workload, and, most importantly, increasing your revenue.

Let us look at how chatlyn can effectively help your hotel with email marketing.

Omnichannel Inbox for Better Guest Communication

An omnichannel inbox centralizes all communication channels into one inbox while keeping data shared between various channels. Statistics show that hotels or companies with strong and reliant omnichannel customer engagement can averagely retain 89% of their customers.

chatlyn has a key feature which is its omnichannel inbox. This feature allows you to manage all guest interactions or conversations on various channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, web chat, Instagram, and others from one place.

WhatsApp Newsletter for Direct and Personal Engagement

As mentioned above, WhatsApp newsletters are the future of hotel marketing. Leveraging these newsletters can bring you more leads and revenue.

chatlyn offers the WhatsApp newsletter feature. This feature allows you to send automated and targeted messages to your guests through WhatsApp. This feature will reduce your workload and increase your client conversions and engagements. This feature of chatlyn will also increase your sales and revenue.

Segmentation and Personalization for Improved Marketing

chatlyn helps in segmentation and personalization. chatlyn provides various marketing automation features which can improve your marketing. These features are designed to increase your leads and profits and save time.

chatlyn offers keyword detection, which will help you automatically respond to customer queries based on specific words or terms. This will reduce the wastage of time by answering the same question multiple times.

chatlyn provides detailed reports and analytics. You can understand your customer behavior and engagement through these reports. These reports will help you draft personalized emails and newsletters. Through this, you can increase your guest interactions.

Integrating with Other Marketing Channels for a Seamless Journey

What you really need is a hotel communications platform like chatlyn can integrate with your other marketing channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, emails, and others without hassle.

It can also integrate with your PMS, POS, CRM, and other systems to help you understand your guests better and engage more personally.

With chatlyn, you can make your guest journey better.

Take Your Hotel Marketing to the Next Level with chatlyn

Hotel email marketing can change many things for you. It is a cost-effective method, and implementing hotel email marketing strategies will increase your revenue and help you increase your customer loyalty.

With the strategies and examples mentioned above, you can create an excellent hotel email marketing campaign to interact with your guests while providing all the information you want and what they need.

You must also focus on Whatsapp newsletter campaigns as you can reach out to your guests easily and effectively. The WhatsApp newsletter is a new revolution in the hotel industry; you must not miss out on it.

You can effectively bring all your hotel email marketing strategies into reality without any hassle by using chatlyn because this platform will work wonders for you.

Join the chatlyn Revolution Today

We understand the importance of hotel email marketing strategies, which is why we recommend chatlyn.

chatlyn is a powerful tool to help your hotel increase revenue and improve guest communication while enhancing your guest experience. The tool is available on Android, iOS, and the web, allowing you to access your customer data anywhere and anytime. This will only increase and enhance your email marketing strategies. It is a great platform to join and be a part of.


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