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1# Hotel guest experience software

A new level of hotel guest experience. 

chatlyn is a virtual hotel concierge, that improves guest experience, reduces workload for front desk staff and increases revenue per room.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, Email, SMS, Wechat, Google Busines Messenger

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La Quinta

Some insighful data before getting into our guest experience software.


of guest enquires can be resolved without leaving WhatsApp.


of all guests are happy to receive communications from their hotel via WhatsApp.


reduction in call center wait times attributable to the AI Chatbot.

3 hours

a day saved with automations by a hotel with 50 rooms.

Transforming hotel guest experience? Easy.

In the competitive world of hospitality, providing exceptional guest experiences is crucial. chatlyn offers a suite of powerful tools specifically designed to revolutionize communication and guest services in hotels. From the WhatsApp Newsletter and Omnichannel Inbox to the WebChat Widget, Automation Studio, AI Assistants, and AI Chatbot, each feature plays a vital role in enhancing guest interaction, satisfaction, and overall hotel performance.

Centralized Communication with Omnichannel Inbox

Manage all guest interactions, from room service requests to concierge inquiries, through chatlyn's Omnichannel Inbox. This platform centralizes communication from various channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more, ensuring no request is overlooked and every guest receives timely responses in +35 translated languages.

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Real-Time Assistance with Webchat Widget

Implement the Webchat Widget your hotels website for instant support. Prospective guests can inquire about room availability, rates, or special accommodations, receiving immediate assistance and boosting direct bookings.

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Personalized Guest Experiences with Automation Studio

Utilize our Automation Studio to create tailored communication flows for guests. For instance, automatically send a welcome message upon check-in, followed by daily updates on hotel activities or special offers, and a thank-you message post check out, inviting them to review their stay.

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Instant Revenue with WhatsApp Newsletters

Send personalized welcome messages and essential stay information to guests before their arrival using chatlyn's WhatsApp Newsletter. Offer them an exclusive preview of hotel amenities, special events, or dining options to build anticipation.

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AI-Driven Chatbot for 24/7 Guest Experience

Enhance your customer service with chatlyn's AI chatbot. Train it quickly with your documents, and deploy it across any channel for accurate and consistent responses to complex queries, any time of the day. This round-the-clock automated assistance ensures your customers always have access to the information they need. Learn more about this feature here.

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Efficient Review Management with AI Assistants

Utilize AI Assistants to swiftly respond to online reviews and client feedback. These assistants can summarize, improve, and suggest responses, drastically reducing the time spent crafting individual replies. This feature is especially useful for managing responses across various review platforms and social media channels.

Supercharge Your Hotel Guest Experience with Key Integrations

Unlock the full potential of your WhatsApp newsletters with chatlyn's integrations. Connect effortlessly with top platforms like MEWS, HubSpot, Zapier, Oracle, Pipedrive, and apaleo to personalize your messages and streamline workflows. These integrations offer real-time data access, enabling you to send targeted, meaningful content that boosts engagement and conversion. Simplify your marketing efforts and achieve better results with chatlyn's powerful ecosystem.

Our team works tirelessly to provide the best service to customers, even in the current crisis. chatlyn has made our work immensely easier, as several sales agents can now process customer requests simultaneously and thoroughly.

We are now no longer limited to just one mobile device and can follow up on customer requests more efficiently and quickly.

Steffl department store
Steffl department store
Milene Platzer
Head of Marketing & Communication

The implementation of chatlyn has been a game changer for us at checkVIENNA. It has allowed us to not only improve our operational efficiency, but also elevate our customer experience to a whole new level. Automating booking confirmations and centralizing our communications has transformed the way we manage our 286 properties and engage with our guests. It's impressive to think of the time and resources we've saved, allowing us to focus on what really matters: providing exceptional experiences for our guests.

Martin Reinisch

chatlyn has revolutionized the way we communicate with our customers. The WhatsApp newsletter tool has allowed us to overcome language barriers and personalize our communications like never before. We can now ensure that every customer receives relevant and personalized information in their own language, which has had a direct impact on customer satisfaction and the efficiency of our operations.

Living Tours
Living Tours
Rosa Madalena Lopes da Silva
Living Online Manager

The deployment of chatlyn's AI chatbot and omnichannel platform has been transformative. It has streamlined our customer interactions, ensuring consistency and quality in our service delivery. This shift has not only optimized our operations but also affirmed our dedication to innovation and excellence in hospitality.

Daniela Eder
Rooms Operation Manager at IMLAUER HOTEL PITTER Salzburg

It was super easy to setup, just connecting our profile and we were sending WhatsApp Newsletters to all arriving guests about benefits and upsell offer!

Our goal was to implement the AI in the near
future but our chatlyn consultant did the whole AI setup within 2 minutes. We just uploaded our guest directory and some pages from our website and the AI was immediately answering perfectly fine on all messenger channels including even WhatsApp or Instagram.

La Quinta by Wyndham Jumeirah, Dubai
La Quinta by Wyndham Jumeirah, Dubai
Jan Hüpers
General Manager

Most Common Questions about our Hotel Guest Experience Platform.

We would love to answer your questions in person, but of course here are some of them already answered. 

How can chatlyn software be integrated with hotel apps to enhance guest experience?

chatlyn can be integrated with hotel apps through its API channel, providing seamless communication between the hotel and its guests. This integration allows for instant messaging, booking inquiries, and access to hotel services directly from the guest's mobile device, enhancing the overall guest experience.

How does chatlyn complement existing hospitality software solutions?

chatlyn complements hospitality software by adding a powerful communication layer. It integrates with platforms like Mews, Apaleo, Oracle, Clock, and Zapier, facilitating hotel omnichannel messaging, guest service requests, and real-time feedback collection, thus enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Can chatlyn serve as a digital concierge for hotels?

Yes, chatlyn can function as a digital concierge. Its features, such as omnichannel messaging, automated responses, and custom integrations, allow hotels to provide guests with information, reservations, and services directly through their preferred communication channels, mirroring the services of a traditional concierge.

How does chatlyn contribute to guest experience in hotels?

chatlyn enhances guest experience by offering a unified platform for communication across various channels like email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS. It allows for personalized interactions, prompt responses to inquiries, and the ability to address guest needs efficiently, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

Does chatlyn offer business intelligence tools for hotels?

chatlyn offers analytics and reporting features that can serve as business intelligence tools for hotels. These include overview reports, conversation traffic analysis, and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) reports, which help hotels understand guest interactions and improve service quality.

How does chatlyn enhance guest engagement for hotels?

chatlyn enhances guest engagement through personalized messaging, timely communications, and automations that ensure guests receive attention and services promptly. Features like canned responses and pre-chat forms also contribute to a more engaging and efficient guest interaction.

How does chatlyn impact the hotel customer journey?

chatlyn impacts the hotel customer journey by providing multiple touchpoints for interaction throughout the guest's stay, from pre-arrival to post-departure. Automations, omnichannel messaging, and custom integrations ensure a smooth and personalized guest experience at every stage.

How many points of contact are there in a guest's experience with chatlyn?

The number of points of contact in a guest's experience with chatlyn can vary based on how a hotel configures its services. However, chatlyn enables numerous touchpoints, including booking inquiries, pre-arrival information, in-stay requests, and post-stay follow-ups, ensuring continuous engagement.

What makes chatlyn an effective guest messaging software for hotels?

chatlyn is effective due to its omnichannel approach, allowing guests to communicate through their preferred channels, its automation capabilities for quick responses, and its integration with hotel management systems for streamlined service delivery.

What features does chatlyn offer for hotel guest messaging?

chatlyn offers features such as omnichannel inbox, canned responses, automation rules, CSAT surveys, and integrations with hotel management systems, making guest messaging efficient and personalized.

How does chatlyn's guest messaging solution improve hotel operations?

chatlyn's solution streamlines operations by automating routine communications, centralizing messages from various channels, and facilitating team collaboration, thereby improving response times and service quality.

How does chatlyn enhance the hotel guest experience journey?

chatlyn enhances the journey by offering personalized and timely communications across various stages, from booking to post-stay, through omnichannel messaging, automation, and feedback collection, ensuring guests feel valued and engaged.

What advantages does chatlyn offer for hotel messaging?

chatlyn offers the advantages of centralized messaging, seamless integration with hotel systems, automation for instant responses, and the ability to engage guests across multiple channels, enhancing both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

How can hotels create an effective welcome message with chatlyn?

Hotels can create effective welcome messages using chatlyn's canned responses and automation features. By setting up personalized greetings based on guest information and preferences, hotels can make a positive first impression and provide essential information proactively.

How do hotels communicate with guests using chatlyn?

Hotels communicate with guests using chatlyn by integrating various messaging channels (like WhatsApp, email, SMS, and social media) into a unified platform, using automation for instant responses, and personalizing communications based on guest data and preferences.

What sets chatlyn apart as a hospitality messaging solution?

chatlyn stands out due to its omnichannel support, seamless integrations with hospitality software, automation capabilities, and comprehensive analytics, all designed to improve guest satisfaction and streamline hotel operations.

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