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Join hundreds of satisfied brands elevating their customer engagement with chatlyn
Crowne Plaza
La Quinta
Sushi Samba

Most of the PMS, CRM and Automation Platforms Integrated with chatlyn

Transform your digital marketing and customer engagement with chatlyn's seamless integrations. Our platform connects effortlessly with industry leaders like MEWS, HubSpot, Zapier, Oracle, Pipedrive, apaleo and via API, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your communication strategy.


Integrate Seamlessly with MEWS

Enhance your hospitality management with direct integration between chatlyn and MEWS. Offer personalized guest communications across channels, ensuring memorable stays.

Elevate CRM with HubSpot

Leverage the deep insights of HubSpot by integrating it with chatlyn. Create targeted campaigns and automate workflows for efficient, personalized customer interactions.


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Automate Effortlessly with Zapier

Connect chatlyn to over 3,000 apps via Zapier for unparalleled workflow automation. Sync data in real-time, ensuring your messages are always relevant and engaging.

Optimize Operations with Oracle

Integrate Oracle with chatlyn to access advanced data analytics. Use these insights to tailor your communications, improve engagement, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Drive Sales with Pipedrive

Combine the power of chatlyn and Pipedrive to streamline your sales processes. Ensure timely follow-ups and personalized messaging to close deals faster.

Personalize Hospitality with apaleo

Link chatlyn with apaleo to take your guest experience to the next level. Send customized communications that resonate, from pre-arrival to post-departure.

Beyond Integrations: chatlyn's Customer Engagement Features

  1. Omnichannel Inbox: Centralize your customer communications across all platforms for streamlined management and improved responsiveness.
  2. Automation Studio: Utilize chatlyn's automation capabilities to design efficient, smart workflows that save time and enhance customer engagement.
  3. AI Assistants: Deploy chatlyn's AI-powered assistants for round-the-clock customer support and personalized messaging, ensuring high satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. WhatsApp Newsletters: Elevate your marketing strategy with chatlyn's WhatsApp Newsletter feature. Tailor your newsletters with targeted, meaningful content that boosts engagement and conversion. Simplify your outreach efforts and achieve better results with this powerful tool.
  5. API Integration: With chatlyn's API, connect to any platform with an open API, extending the capabilities of your existing software stack for a truly integrated experience.

Our team works tirelessly to provide the best service to customers, even in the current crisis. chatlyn has made our work immensely easier, as several sales agents can now process customer requests simultaneously and thoroughly.

We are now no longer limited to just one mobile device and can follow up on customer requests more efficiently and quickly.

Steffl department store
Steffl department store
Milene Platzer
Head of Marketing & Communication

The implementation of chatlyn has been a game changer for us at checkVIENNA. It has allowed us to not only improve our operational efficiency, but also elevate our customer experience to a whole new level. Automating booking confirmations and centralizing our communications has transformed the way we manage our 286 properties and engage with our guests. It's impressive to think of the time and resources we've saved, allowing us to focus on what really matters: providing exceptional experiences for our guests.

Martin Reinisch

chatlyn has revolutionized the way we communicate with our customers. The WhatsApp newsletter tool has allowed us to overcome language barriers and personalize our communications like never before. We can now ensure that every customer receives relevant and personalized information in their own language, which has had a direct impact on customer satisfaction and the efficiency of our operations.

Living Tours
Living Tours
Rosa Madalena Lopes da Silva
Living Online Manager

The deployment of chatlyn's AI chatbot and omnichannel platform has been transformative. It has streamlined our customer interactions, ensuring consistency and quality in our service delivery. This shift has not only optimized our operations but also affirmed our dedication to innovation and excellence in hospitality.

Daniela Eder
Rooms Operation Manager at IMLAUER HOTEL PITTER Salzburg

It was super easy to setup, just connecting our profile and we were sending WhatsApp Newsletters to all arriving guests about benefits and upsell offer!

Our goal was to implement the AI in the near
future but our chatlyn consultant did the whole AI setup within 2 minutes. We just uploaded our guest directory and some pages from our website and the AI was immediately answering perfectly fine on all messenger channels including even WhatsApp or Instagram.

La Quinta by Wyndham Jumeirah, Dubai
La Quinta by Wyndham Jumeirah, Dubai
Jan Hüpers
General Manager

Most Common Questions about our WhatsApp Newsletter Feature

We love to answer your questions in person, but of course here are some of them already answered. 

How does chatlyn integrate with MEWS for enhancing hotel guest communication?

chatlyn's integration with MEWS streamlines hotel guest communication by enabling personalized interactions directly from chatlyn's platform. This integration allows hoteliers to access guest data, booking data, and send tailored messages, improving the guest experience and operational efficiency.

Can I use chatlyn with HubSpot to automate my marketing workflows?

Yes, integrating chatlyn with HubSpot empowers businesses to automate marketing workflows, enabling the synchronization of customer data for personalized messaging campaigns. This seamless connection enhances lead nurturing and customer engagement through targeted communication strategies.

What are the benefits of linking chatlyn to Zapier?

Linking chatlyn to Zapier opens up automation opportunities with over 3,000 apps, allowing businesses to create custom workflows that automate tasks, sync data across platforms, and ensure timely and relevant communications with their audience, boosting productivity and engagement.

How does the Oracle Hospitality integration with chatlyn improve customer data management?

The Oracle integration with chatlyn enhances customer data management by providing access to advanced analytics and customer insights. Businesses can leverage this data to customize their communication strategies, offering more relevant and engaging content that drives satisfaction and loyalty.

Can chatlyn and Pipedrive integration streamline sales processes?

Yes, integrating chatlyn with Pipedrive streamlines sales processes by ensuring that customer interactions and sales data are synchronized. Sales teams can use this integration to follow up on leads with personalized messaging and automate sales-related tasks, leading to improved conversion rates.

How does chatlyn work with apaleo to personalize guest experiences in hospitality?

chatlyn's integration with apaleo personalizes guest experiences in the hospitality industry by utilizing guest information to send customized communications throughout the guest journey. This tailored approach enhances guest satisfaction and encourages repeat business.

What opportunities does chatlyn's API integration offer?

chatlyn's API integration offers limitless opportunities to connect with any platform that has an open API. This flexibility allows businesses to extend the capabilities of their existing software stack, automate workflows, personalize communications, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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