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Doesn’t matter if you’re running a small or large operation: our dynamic pricing has got you covered. Easily calculate your expected cost in seconds.


Unified Inbox & Helpdesk
€ 61
billed monthly plus VAT
€ 49
€588.00 billed annually plus VAT

Start your customer success journey with us and let your customers reach you via Webchat and other basic channels!

Available Channels Webchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Email
Inboxes1 included
Agents2 included
Basic Helpdesk features
Customizable Webchat widget
Most popular!


WhatsApp Messenger Broadcasting & Segmentation
€ 161
billed monthly plus VAT
€ 129
€1,548.00 billed annually plus VAT

Unlock all channels, segment your audience and create newsletters on of the most widely used messengers out there.

Everything from Light
Additional Channels WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, SMS, WeChat, Google Business Messenger
Inboxes2 included
Recipient lists & segmentation
WhatsApp Template Builder
Scheduled sends
WhatsApp Send reports


Automation Studio & Integrations Access
€ 311
billed monthly plus VAT
€ 249
€2,988.00 billed annually plus VAT

Create powerful automations for virtually any process: from syncing data to creating a conversational message flow.

Everything from Plus
Guided Onboarding
Automation Studio
Integrations' access
Advanced Support


Starting at our Light tier, you can further improve your experience with add-ons unlocking additional capabilities & functionality to your needs.

Additional inboxes

Every channel, like an Email address or a WhatsApp Number counts towards an inbox.
€ 29 /inbox
€348.00 annual total

Additional agents

A user of yours, so you can easily assign conversations & accountabilities
€ 19 /agent
€228.00 annual total
Coming soon

AI Package

Create tailored chatbots within in minutes and make use of a powerful AI toolset: From automatic answering on channels to reply suggestions within the app, or go even further by utilizing our Chrome extension anywhere on the web.
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Third-party cost

To offer full transparency and and ease of mind, we listed all third-party costs for you.

Within our application you can make use of our cost-control setting, to define a monthly maximum spending per provider.


Additional charges may apply from Meta for WhatsApp conversations

We strive for utmost transparency in our pricing structure. The cost for each WhatsApp newsletter sent through Meta varies based on several factors, including location.

To simplify the process for you, we will automatically invoice your total message volume at the end of each month, based on Meta's charges plus an additional 15% fee to cover operational costs. You can limit your sending volume & cost yourself with our provided cost-control setting.

Learn more about Meta cost structure. (Price lists)


Additional charges apply depending on recipient location

We offer competitive pricing for 1-way SMS sending. To tailor the perfect package for you, please reach out to us at so we can understand your business needs.

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Full feature comparison

Total included agents
Total included inboxes
Conversation visibility
Email & Phone
Priority Email & Phone
Unlimited Conversations
Unlimited Contacts
Customizable Webchat Widget
Auto-translation services
Basic Reports
Canned responses
Conversation Automation rules
Available Channels
Facebook Messenger
Google Business Manager
WhatsApp Functionality
Recipient lists & dynamic segmentation
Template Builder
Newsletter Sends
Scheduled Sends
Send & Delivery Reports
Cost control for Meta charges
Automation Studio
Automation Builder
Basic Nodes
API Nodes
Loop Nodes
Integrations Panel
Cost control for automation runs

Frequently asked questions

Here's a little best-of we compiled for you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us!

What is an agent?

An agent is a user of yours: Every team member should have an own access so your workflows and assignments are handled perfectly. Each agent can have different permission and assignments.

What is a channel?

It's what we call all our supported messenger providers and general communications channels like: WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, etc.

Based on the selected plan, you have access to different channels. An inbox can be created and connected with available channels in your plan.

What is an inbox?

An inbox can be connected to one of the channels available in your plan. An inbox allows the sending and receiving of messages within the chatlyn interface.

Inboxes can further be customized with access and permission rights as well as channel specific settings.

What's the difference between channel & inbox?

To create a highly flexible pricing you start out with an included number of inboxes in your plan. Depending on your needs you can purchase additional inboxes. Each inbox can be connected to any of the available channel of your plan.

Example: If you're looking to use Webchat and connect your Email & Facebook messenger, you can start with our Light plan, which includes 1 inbox, and purchase 2 additional inboxes.

What payment methods do you offer?

We're using Stripe as our payment provider and allow for payments with standard credit cards, PayPal and invoice. Please be aware that invoicing might require an additional KYC process for you to complete with us.

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